Why is Cardano Superior?

People’s interest in Cardano: More and more people are interested in the Cardano ecosystem, as seen in the Cardano chart.

Difficulty of implementation: Cardano ecosystem’s smart contract language is Plutus - similar to Haskell - functional programming language. Only experts use functional programming languages, but it’s pretty efficient.

With a higher level of experienced developers in Plutus contract language, AdaLend is looking to be one of the pioneers of the Cardano ecosystem.

Use Cases

The Cardano ecosystem is growing, and it is looking to have more and more assets in the ecosystem.

Margin traders mostly conquer the Lending / Borrowing market to have leveraged positions for tokens’ growth.

AdaLend is looking to scale and provide various assets, including LP tokens as collateral to support leveraged yield farming on the Cardano ecosystem.


ADALend building a scalable non-custodial lending protocol that aims to improve the efficiency of capital. The protocol manages several lending pools by the reserve currency.

Each pool has several key components - liquidation model, utilization ratio, borrowing, and lending interest rate.