Scalable and decentralized lending protocol governed by DAO

What is ADALend?

Latest generation state of the art lending protocol

Over the last decade, the decentralized Finance (DeFi) space has been forced to evolve in order to keep pace with the development of the digital asset market.

The ADA Lend protocol will power the new wave of flexible financial markets by serving as a foundational layer for instant loan approval, automated collateral, trustless custody and liquidity.

Cardano DeFi

The future of DeFi projects depend on continuous innovation and Cardano exemplifies this. Cardano’s strength is in the innovations based on peer-reviewed research and evidence based development.

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Why is Cardano Superior?

Cardano was built as a collection of protocols that could offer economic support to billions of people, specifically in poor regions. Cardano is the market leader in PoS.

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Raising the Bar


Lend on any pairing. Our governance will ensure that the best offers are available and that only the safest oracles are used.

Incentivised Liquidity

Liquidity is predicated on having enough assets in each pool in order to facilitate lending. ADALend addresses this requirement by incentivising users to deposit assets and provide liquidity.

Community Governance

Token holders can establish consensus by voting on governance proposals or introducing new proposals for a vote.

Ecosystem Foundation Layer

Attract assets and build incentives that can empower an ecosystem of financial products.

token details (policy id)

Total supply: 45,000,000
Who are we?

Blockchain development group

Kaspars Koskins

Kaspars is an experienced entrepreneur with successful businesses across finance and technology. It was Kaspars experience of working in the world of traditional consumer lending and savings that inspired him to launch ADALend. Frustrated with the low interest rates for savers and difficulty to access credit for many borrowers, Kaspar’s vision and mission for ADALend is to eliminate the banks and intermediaries, and leverage the power of the Cardano blockchain to democratize and decentralise the world of finance.

Ali Krynitsky

Ali has many years of operational experience in leading Software Development and Technology projects and has strong research and academic background, making him well suited to the research and peer-reviewed-led process of building on Cardano. Ali was previously the CEO and founder of Robatz Network, an IT company that focuses on swarming technologies and complex custom software development. Ali is passionate about the mission of Cardano to bring financial inclusion to the world and excited to bring that vision into reality with ADALend.

David Abashidze

Community Manager
David provides management for ADALend social media. By supporting communication on various social platforms, Davids main focus is to ensure that the content posted meets the brand guidelines and overall communication style.

ADALend protocol developers

Robatz Network is a software developing company delivering 360º solutions for decentralized systems : swarm algorithms, edge computing and blockchain, providing research services and developing solutions to gain a reputation of a pioneer that is brave enough to accept any of sophisticated challenges.

ADALend protocol developers

Viachaslav Khrenov

Data engineer
Experienced software engineer with 13+ years of experience in software development. Key areas of expertise include Go, Python, Node, Ruby. He is a good team player with solid communication skills. A rich experienced background and deep understanding of product helps to build business on the edge of technologies.

Yauhen Vinkevich

Software Developer
A frontend developer experienced in fintech and web applications development. Easily get along with any team member working more than clients used to expect from developer to reach the best results.

Pavel Sobko

Ruby Developer
A quick learner and a hard-working developer with excellent analytical and communication skills. Having focused on Ruby and Node.js, Pavel is a full-stack developer who has excelled in the development of marketplaces and SaaS platforms. He is a contributor to open-source and a believer in community-driven development.

Ernest Kifel

Software Developer
Ernest cares about writing clean code and using programming languages code style, trying to find and use the best programming, architecture solutions for every issue. He loves to share his experience with new developers, introduce them to projects he's working on. He feels necessity to constantly improve himself, so Ernest pretty often reads literature, articles and watches lectures about web technologies.

Artur Antonnikau

Software developer
Artur has a strong understanding of Ruby, Web application development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap, so maintaining and improving existing web services and applications. A strong understanding of design patterns and software paradigms helps to dive deeply into the product from a development point of view.

Euheni Sachivko

Software Engineer
A full-stack developer that has various projects in his portfolio starting from healthcare and data-driven startups to vast corporate platforms and fancy web applications. Euheni is a team player taking his motivation from the coding excellence challenge that every project has.

Anton Savitsky

Head of backend engineering
A software engineer with more than 6 years of experience in development. Key areas of expertise include Ruby and React. He is a good team player with solid communication skills. Anton is comfortable working in both large and small teams and proactive in solving the challenges of modern high-loaded systems.

2021 Q3 - Q4


• Preparations
• Marketing & brand awareness
• Testnet Completion
• Massive Global Marketing Campaign
• Token Listing Submissions
• Partnerships & integrations research

2022 Q1 - Q2

Research & Beta

• Research & Development of lending platform
• Article program launch & content mining
• ADALend Prototype Beta Launch
• Listing on Major Exchanges

2022 Q3 - Q4

Liquidity & Launch

• Beginning of Multichain Integrations
• MultiChain Products
• Massive User Growth
• Incentivised Bootstrapping Partnerships

2023 Q1 - Q2

• Further Multichain Integrations
• Liquidity Launch
• Liquidity Bootstrapping Architecture
• Full launch of ADALend protocol
You ask, we answer

Frequently Asked Questions

At its core, yield farming is a process that allows cryptocurrency holders to earn rewards on their holdings. With yield farming, an investor deposits units of a cryptocurrency into a lending protocol to earn interest from trading fees.

AdaLend is looking to scale and provide various assets, including LP tokens as collateral to support leveraged yield farming on the Cardano ecosystem.

A DAO works without hierarchical management and can have a large number of purposes. Freelancer networks where contracts pool their funds to pay for software subscriptions, charitable organizations where members approve donations and venture capital firms owned by a group are all possible with these organizations.

In the context of the cryptocurrency market, liquidation refers to the exchange forcibly closing a trader’s leveraged position due to a partial or full loss of the trader’s initial margin.

ADALend: Unleashing DeFi Potential In Security and Functionality
Cardano Native DeFi Protocol ADALend Sells Out Seed Round in 1 Hour
ADALend Joins Hands With, Utilizes Plutus Application Backend (PAB)
Plutus: ADALend’s Decentralized Application Backend
ADALend Enables Efficient Interest Rates, Reduces Idle Assets

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